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Reiki Sessions

Heal the known and the unknown.

Give yourself permission to let go of thoughts, feelings, situations, and events in your life through the all knowing healing of Reiki energy.

What is Reiki

Reiki (pronounced "ray-key")

came to the United States in the late 1930's from Japan.

Reiki is a relaxation and stress reduction treatment that promotes self-healing.

When we are deeply relaxed, our body has the ability to heal itself on many levels ... our physical body, emotional/mental body, and spirit body.

Reiki is found in Hospitals, Cancer Centers, Veteran Programs, and in our Homes.

Medical staff recognizes that Reiki helps with side effects of medications, treatments, reducing pain, anxiety, and decreasing recovery time from surgery.

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Our Energy System

Our life energy ki (pronounced "key") flows around and through us.

Our body's energy system is made up of an aura that surrounds us in a field of energy, chakras (pronounced cha-kraws) known as "energy centers" transform our ki into subtle energy for the meridian pathways throughout our body.

Our ki is sensitive to our thoughts.

Positive thoughts create free flowing ki. Negative thoughts can disrupt the flow of ki and create imbalances. Imbalances held over long periods of time can create dis-ease ... meaning the body is not at ease.

Crown Chakra (White)
Connection to Spirit

3rd Eye Chakra (Indigo)
Intuition / Inner Voice

Throat Chakra (Blue)
Communication / Express Your Truth

Heart Chakra (Green)
Love / Compassion / Self-Love

Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow)
Self-Esteem / Personal Power

Sacral Chakra (Orange)
Sexuality / Creativity / Emotions

Root Chakra (Red)
Grounding / Survival
The 7 main chakras in our energy system.

Reiki is Beneficial for ...

your physical body, emotional/mental body, and spirit body. Reiki works from the inside out ... working on root cause.

Reiki promotes self-healing ... letting go of limiting conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings, creates forward movement in your life, and is a holistic approach if you are under the care of a medical provider.

  • General Wellness

  • Stress: Work / Family / Relationships

  • Anxiety / Panic Attacks

  • Depression / Feeling Stuck

  • Self-Esteem / Self-Worth

  • Headaches / Migraines

  • Problems Sleeping

  • Reducing Pain

  • Life Events: Childhood, Teens, Divorce, Relationships

  • Grief / Loss of Loved One

  • Abuse (Past or Present): Emotional / Physical / Sexual

  • Trauma / PTSD

  • Compliment to Counseling Therapy

  • Fertility / During Pregnancy

  • Managing a Chronic Condition

  • Undergoing Cancer Treatments

  • Pre-Surgery Preparation / Post-Surgery Recovery

  • Hospice Comfort Care for Individual and Family

NOTE:  Reiki is NOT a substitute for medical care.

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Ann's Reiki Experience

“I had been having a difficult time following the deaths of my parents, even many years later and had struggled with anxiety and depression as well for even longer. A friend suggested I call Cyndy as she had been helped very much following the death of her mother. When I met Cyndy, it felt as if I had known her for a long time and she is warm, gentle, and down to earth. Even after the first Reiki session, I feel I released a lot of what was blocking me from being able to move on from the grief and pain. The subsequent sessions only built upon my 'letting go' and moving forward - even in other areas that I had problems with.


Release of the depression, anxiety, and feelings of abandonment give me a feeling that I've been given a gift of freedom. Even my career, which is stressful, doesn't bother me as much. I can now, when grief or anxiety try to creep back in, be able to gently push those feelings aside without guilt and I can acknowledge my power over painful events. I told Cyndy I have even caught myself humming to myself, which hasn't happened in quite some time! I feel lighter and less likely to let things and others annoy me, more the way I was before life got in the way! I greatly recommend Cyndy for Reiki and I will be seeing her again for Reiki follow ups and/or some of the other services she offers." 

  • Who learns Reiki?
    Anyone interested in learning Reiki for the purpose of self-treatment or treatment of others. My students are mothers, fathers, teens, grandparents, individuals with chronic conditions or family caregivers. Some of my students want to include elements of Reiki in their profession such as school teachers, social workers, counselors, massage therapists, doctors, nurses, to name a few. We are all everyday people like you and me!
  • What background do I need in order to learn Reiki?
    There is no previous background nor skills required to learn Reiki. Anyone can learn Reiki. To date, my youngest student was 11 years old and my oldest student was 88 years old. Through the Reiki Attunement, the Reiki Master passes onto the student the ability for Reiki energy to flow from the student's hands. Therefore, the ability to practice Reiki is not dependent on the student's background nor skills. It is through class discussion and practice you learn various techniques and hand positions. I always tell my students, "It's not about you ... you are a pathway for the Reiki energy to flow ... the Reiki energy does the work."
  • When would I use Reiki?
    You can use Reiki in your every day living! First of all, treat yourself for your own self-care and wellness. Treat your children/grandchildren that are having problems sleeping, low self-esteem, anxiety, fears or even a boo-boo. Treat other family members, friends, and even your pets. As little as 5 - 10 minutes of Reiki can be beneficial for a co-worker that is stressed or has a headache. I am sure you know of someone with anxiety, going through a relationship breakup, living with the loss of a loved one, has chronic conditions, recovering from surgery or undergoing cancer treatments that you could give a few minutes of Reiki to while they are sitting in a chair or laying on a couch. Reiki can be done any where and for any amount of time ... even while you are watching TV with your hand around your partner or child's shoulder or on their lap. We all show acts of kindness by sending a card, listening to a friend that is going through rough times, or cooking a meal for someone. Now you can add the beautiful gift of Reiki to your offering. You can also send distant Reiki across town or across the world to a person. We all have family or friends that live far away from us ... you can help them too. If you are a first responder or a medical provider, you can use Reiki for your self-care to avoid job burnout, cleanse negative energy out of a room after each patient, put healing energy into a room, and even carry on a conversation while Reiki energy is flowing to the person.
  • How many levels of training are there for Reiki?
    There are 3 levels of Reiki Certification (Refer to the full course descriptions on this web page.) Reiki Level I Practitioners can give themselves Reiki treatments and treat others. Reiki Level II Practitioners have extra tools they can use to amplify the energy that flows from their hands, send energy that helps heal emotions, and the ability to send Reiki energy distantly across town or across the world to a person. I call this the "creative class" because the three Reiki II symbols bring so much creativity to using Reiki in your daily living. Reiki Level III Practitioners (Reiki Masters) receive the higher Master energies, work with crystals, and other higher frequency healing techniques. Reiki Level III Practitioners have the ability to pass Reiki onto students (teach Reiki). Someone could be a Reiki Master, but not teach. Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher is optional. How far do you go with learning Reiki? You may take Reiki Level I & II Training and never go any further. As a Reiki II Practitioner, you will have amazing tools to help yourself and help others! Maybe months or years down the road you may feel guided to take Reiki Level III Training. You take Reiki as far as you are interested in; you do not have to have a path in mind ... let Reiki guide you!

Reiki   Session FAQs

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